TelemetryDeck now supports React and React Native

React and React Native support was one of the most asked for features for TelemetryDeck! Here we gooooo

Daniel Jilg

Daniel is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and technical lead
The react logo, the TelemetryDeck logo, and the typedigital logo

A while ago I met typedigital CEO and technical lead, Andreas, at a conference. I say "met", but what happened was that he practically leapt into my way to tell me that he loves TelemetryDeck, but it really really really needs an SDK for React so that he and his crew at typedigital can create even better apps for their customers.

Thing is, I didn't know a thing about React at the time, and I told him so. Could he maybe help me out with his experience?

We've become friends since then, and towards fall 2023, Andreas sent me a list of things that needed to happen for React support to be a reality – mainly, we needed a JavaScript SDK that can actually be encapsulated and has a pluggable hashing function.

That's exactly what we finished in November last year: the new TelemetryDeck JavaScript SDK was Node compatible, pluggable, and would help developers build great applications on top of it. And great SDKs.

Today, we're going the next step: thanks to typedigital, we have a fantastic SDK that plugs right into both React Web Apps and React Native apps for mobile, allowing you to use TelemetryDeck to build and improve your apps written in TypeScript, React, or React Native.