Build world-class apps
by knowing your users!

TelemetryDeck is a tiny package included in your apps that can tell you about user numbers, retention, versions, and more.

Get a high-level overview of what kinds of users you have and what features they use. Completely anonymized and hassle-free in regards to GDPR and CCPA.


Build Software exactly for your Users

Know your Users

Before you can optimize something, you have to measure it! TelemetryDeck helps you measure and optimize the way your users use your app. Find out exactly how fast users are updating, and which system versions they are on. You can see the areas and features of your app people are using and can optimize your app towards your sales goals.
  • Analyze user behaviour
  • Optimize user flow through your app
  • Reach your goals
You define what your goals are and when they are reached: Get more conversions, more subscriptions, reach your sales targets!
We make it easy to get more users

How TelemetryDeck Can Help

We already did the hard work and made sure no personally identifying information about your users is ever stored on our servers. This way you can earn and keep your user's trust while using actionable data to improve their experience.
It's so easy to get started with TelemetryDeck, we promise it'll take you only ten minutes from signing up to sending actual signals from your app, With our sensible defaults, you'll get helpful information right away without any more work.
User Growth
Once you start optimizing for you actual users, many of your apps should experience increased growth. And that'll get even faster when you can verify which channels your users are taking and update your marketing accordingly.

HomeRun is a HomeKit control app for iOS and watchOS. It gives you super fast control of your home from your wrist, home screen, or in the app.

Check out how Indie Developer Aaron Pearce is improving his HomeRun sales funnel with TelemetryDeck

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With our no-credit-card required free plan, you'll have amazing analytics in your app in less than 10 minutes.

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Completely Privacy Compliant

Your app will not collect any personally identifying information. Period. Using our clever double-hashing architecture, any user identifers are cryptographically salted + hashed on the device, and then again on arrival on the server. This way you know all the aggregate data without creeping on individuals.

Available for your favourite Platform

With SDKs for Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, and even Unity, you can send telemetry signals from all your apps. Or just HTTP Post.
Send telemetry signals from apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, the web, Windows and more.

TelemetrDeck on GitHub

Get Insights in Realtime

You don't have to wait a day for your data to arrive: It arrives instantly! Your charts can update every few minutes with the newest freshest data. Imagine how immensely satisfying it feels to watch your users pouring in after an update!

Enterprise Ready

Because of TelemetrDeck's scalable architecture, your app will feel right at home, even if it has millions of users. And if you want to self-host, we can help you set up a personal instance of TelemetryDeck on your own network.

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