We're ready for Vision Pro

TelemetryDeck's SDK is compatible with Vision Pro

Daniel Jilg

Daniel is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and technical lead
Sondrine wearing an Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is coming out in just a few days and everyone is excited. Lots of app developers are either preparing specially-made apps for Vision Pro, or are making sure that their iPad compatible apps can also run on Apple's headset.

We're excited too. We've played around with Vision Pro, looked at all available docs, and talked to a lot of people, and by now I'm very sure that the TelemetryDeck Swift SDK will not only execute correctly on Vision Pro, but also detect and report VisionOS devices correctly. This means that your apps running on Vision Pro will get all the data they need on day one.

Update your Swift SDK Package

The newest version of the TelemetryDeck Swift SDK is version 1.5.1. To make sure you have the newest version, update your Swift packages before building your app for submission.

The Vision Pro Member Shoutout

If you're releasing an app for Vision Pro, don't forget you can also apply to be in our next Member Shoutout post! We're featuring Vision Pro apps that use TelemetryDeck in February and we're super excited to see what you're building!