Things that TelemetryDeck can do


Visual Query Editor. 
Unlock insights effortlessly with our visual query editor Learn more 
User Access Control. 
TelemetryDeck has fantastically flexible access control tools at your disposal. Learn more 
Ultra-quick setup. 
TelemetryDeck can be integrated into your product, app or website in minutes Learn more 
TelemetryDeck Query Language. 
Use our JSON-based query language to retrieve exactly the data you need in exactly the format you need it. Learn more 
SDKs for all major platforms. 
Regardless on which mobile, desktop or web platform you're running, we've got a drop-in solution for you. Learn more 
Retention Analysis. 
Examine how your app retains users over time, uncovering engagement patterns and improvement opportunities. Learn more 
Realtime Data. 
TelemetryDeck shows you events less than a second after they happen on the user’s device. Learn more 
Pre-made dashboards. 
All the key insights every product leader needs are ready and waiting for you. Learn more 
Visualize the conversion rates between steps in a process with funnels Learn more 
Event tracking. 
Capture specific user interactions within your app to analyze behaviors and optimize user experiences. Learn more 
Double-Hashing Anonymization. 
TelemetryDeck's double-hashing process anonymizes data directly on the user's device before it ever reaches our servers. Learn more 
Data Export. 
TelemetryDeck allows you to export your data at any time. Learn more 
Custom Dashboards. 
Customize your experience with TelemetryDeck's dashboards Learn more 
Cookieless Tracking. 
We do not store any data at all in cookies so you don't have to show annoying cookie banners or deal with GDPR hassle. Learn more 
Automatic Purchase Tracking. 
With TelemetryDeck's purchase tracking, you're getting a real-time indication of when sales happen. Learn more 
Automatic Error Tracking. 
TelemetryDeck will automatically categorize errors and crashes sent by your application so you know what to work on to improve software quality. Learn more 
A/B Testing. 
Streamline your app's evolution by identifying and implementing the most effective enhancements with TelemetryDeck's A/B Testing. Learn more