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How to track the number of daily users in your app

As creators of apps, the feeling of knowing that your app gets used is amazing. Here is our step-by-step guide for getting a handy insight into your daily active users' statistics!

Insights of daily active users are the best way to see how your app is doing. You will know if your app is on track, you can get helpful information during specific periods (holidays, product launches, etc.), and just the general feeling of knowing your app gets used is not to be underestimated (it certainly gives us a warm glowy feeling ☺️).

We will help you set up your insight so you can track your users right away, privacy-friendly and anonymized!

Step One: Navigate to Your App

To create insights, you first need to create an app. If you have not created and linked your app yet, check out our guide Making an Account first.

In your browser, navigate to the dashboard. There you will find a drop-down menu on the top left side, next to the TelemetryDeck logo. Choose your app from here.

Step Two: Select or Create a New Group

A great tool for all your insights is grouping! They help you group your insights the way you like them. We provide you with a row of display options so that your groups become an easy and quick way to get information about your app’s data in a single click. In case you have not already created a group where your new insight fits into, here is a quick guide on how to create groups in the browser dashboard:

To create a group in the dashboard, have a look at the left sidebar. Here you can find the GROUPS category. Click on + New Group, give your group a name, and then click on Create. You now have a new group in your sidebar!

Step Three: Creating a New Insight

While in your group, you will see a Create new Insight field. Depending on if there are already existing insights, you may have to scroll down to find them. Click on + Create new Insight. Here you will find Daily Active Users on the top. After clicking on it, a new insight card will be created. The default display type is a line chart that will show you the daily active user count at a specific time.

Step Four: Configure Your Insights to Show Daily Active Users

To configure your newly created insight, click on your insight’s name. From here you have different options to change the display of your insight to better suit your needs. Under the Meta category, you can change how the chart will be displayed. The most common display types for Daily Active Users are the line chart, the bar chart, or the table. Choose the one that fits your needs the best. In the Signal category, you can specify the type of signal you want to include in this chart. Here you can also change the granularity from displaying users per day to users per week, month, or even per year.

And You’re Done!

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