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Extraction Function

Extraction functions define the transformation applied to each dimension value.

Regular Expression Extraction Function

Returns the first matching group for the given regular expression. If there is no match, it returns the dimension value as is.

"type" : "regex",
"expr" : <regular_expression>,
"index" : <group to extract, default 1>
"replaceMissingValue" : true,
"replaceMissingValueWith" : "foobar"

For example, using "expr" : "(\\w\\w\\w).*" will transform 'Monday''Tuesday''Wednesday'into 'Mon''Tue''Wed'.

If “index” is set, it will control which group from the match to extract. Index zero extracts the string matching the entire pattern.

If the replaceMissingValue property is true, the extraction function will transform dimension values that do not match the regex pattern to a user-specified String. Default value is false.

The replaceMissingValueWith property sets the String that unmatched dimension values will be replaced with, if replaceMissingValue is true. If replaceMissingValueWith is not specified, unmatched dimension values will be replaced with nulls.

For example, if expr is "(a\w+)" in the example JSON above, a regex that matches words starting with the letter a, the extraction function will convert a dimension value like banana to foobar.