TelemetryDeck SDKs

You can easily use TelemetryDeck in your application by plugging in one of our lightweight packages.

Swift for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS

Include the TelemetryDeck SDK via Swift Package Manager to target Swift apps for all Apple platforms.

Open documentation Swift SDK on Github

Kotlin SDK for Android and Java

Include the TelemetryDeck Kotlin package via jitpack for Android apps and apps based on the Java runtime.

Open documentation Kotlin SDK on Github

JavaScript for Node and the Web

Include the TelemetryDeck JavaScript package via NPM to use TelemetryDeck in web and node applications.

Open documentation JavaScript SDK on Github

Community SDKs

But wait, there's more!

Our wonderfully incredibly awesome community of developers have been contributing these packages to the TelemetryDeck ecosystem:

C# for Unity

If you're writing a game for the Unity Game Engine, @_conath has you covered.

C# SDK on Github


Thanks to @kkostov, there is a TelemetryDeck client for fast and reliable libraries and apps using Rust and WebAssembly

Rust SDK on Github

Swift Vapor

Thanks to @JamesSherlouk there is now a TelemetryDeck client for the Swift Vapor framework!

Vapor SDK on Github

Post to our API directly

Roll your own

Sending signals (aka events) to TelemetryDeck is as easy as sending an HTTP POST request

You can do that from practically any language, or even from the command line. Our Ingestion API Spec describes in detail how to send events to TelemetryDeck.

Open documentation