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Y’all are doing excellent things with TelemetryDeck. Having come from Firebase, I’m so much happier with the ability to present the data I gather in ways that actually make sense to me.

Always @Telemetry_Deck. I recommend it to all indies. Works great and is privacy focused.

Very nice work on TelemetryDeck, initial startup was a breeze, and I really liked your guide for setting up AppStore Privacy requirements as well

Here's my little creative camera app Trichromatic where I'm trying out TelemetryDeck. I want to better understand how people are using the app and on which devices. TelemetryDeck already helped me to catch a bug that prevented people from buying the IAP 😅

It's really unbelievably easy to emit metrics, super impressed!

Hey! I launched @pestlechef with TelemetryDeck in it last Friday in case you wanted to add it to the website in the lists of apps that love it :) (because I love it!)

It's so good I love it, honestly I've been looking for an analytics tool for months and this is just perfect.

@ChristianSelig @Telemetry_Deck wow this is very slick

This is the first third-party dependency I've added to my app, previously everything was written by me directly. Thanks again for building this

I really am enjoying the MASSIVE improvement that TelemetryDeck has made to my analytics. Thanks again!

I integrated Telemetry and it's now been released on the store – so cool seeing the signals come in real time! And the setup process was really simple too 😍

@Telemetry_Deck I’m a big fan of the native macOS and iOS apps available for quickly checking stats. It beats logging into a web app somewhere.

@Telemetry_Deck @breakthesystem @stroughtonsmith Just downloaded macOS app and registered an account. My habit was to search for a web dashboard, but then I realized all things can be managed from within apps only. Nice work @breakthesystem 💪 Great to have a nice analytics for indie developers

Hey Daniel! Really enjoying Telemetry so far, love the simplicity and the ability to have native apps to view info. Thanks for all the time you’ve put into it so far!

It's really unbelievably easy to emit metrics, super impressed!


👋 Hey, all! Just got my beta invite at 7:38 this morning, and sent my first signal within 30 minutes — easy!

It was very easy to implement, i really enjoy using an app and not a website 💪🏼

TelemetryDeck has been incredibly easy to use and I highly recommend it to all whom are looking for analytics. It seems to be light weight, easy to use and what I am happy about, is the privacy side of things.

Robert Maltese

TelemetryDeck was by far the easiest tool to set up and quickly get insights about how my app actually gets used. I love the predefined insights it offers, as well as the ability to create my own. And all of that with top-notch privacy!

That was fast - I had it up and running already! Awesome job on the documentation. [...] Also, this has been the simplest SDK setup I have experienced. And I love that I can now track both iOS and watchOS !

2 days in and I learned a lot already! 50% of users are on the Apple Watch and one important feature seems to be invisible to 2/3 of the users. Something I can hopefully improve in the future! Fantastic product!


Stadtwerke Augsburg Holding GmbH is integrating TelemetryDeck's technology into the swa Mobil App to further improve the app. The goal of our journey is clear: Happy passengers!

swa Mobil
Dr. Roberto Bianchi
swa Mobil

Easy to use, privacy-friendly, I totally recommend @Telemetry_Deck!

Just setup telemetry deck on my app and it was the easiest thing ever!! You guys made a sick product

Only had @Telemetry_Deck active in my app for less than 24 hours and already collecting insights that help me understand my users better. So awesome!

Really impressed with @Telemetry_Deck! Top-notch dev experience in taking to use and very nice customisable dash and insights! Great job!

Can't believe how easy and useful TelemetryDeck is. Love the dashboard customisation options. Looks like I'll be adding some analytics to some apps.