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Find out which operating system your users are using

Insights around used operating systems help you with planning features, and to understand how technologically advanced your users are. This step-by-step guide explains how you can create and configure your insights

Step one: Navigate to your app

To create insights, you first need to create an app. If you have not created and linked your app yet, check out our guide Making an Account first.

In your browser, navigate to the dashboard. There you will find a drop-down menu on the top left side, next to the TelemetryDeck logo. Choose your app from here.

Step two: Select or create a new group

Grouping your insights is a great way to give a better overview of related topics. For example, grouping operating systems with insights about device types and app versions. In case you have not already created a group where your new insight fits into you can create a new one.

Step three: Create a new insight

Getting insights on the operating system is essential. That is why we provide you with helpful templates to choose from, for example System Versions. This will give you insights on the operating systems your users are using. Let’s have a look on how to create insights for System Versions.

While in your group, you will see a Create new Insight field. Depending on if there are already existing insights, you may have to scroll down to find them. Click on + Create new Insight and give it a name. Now you can either build your own query by choosing a query type, or you can start right ahead by clicking on I don’t know, show me some examples ->. Now just pick System Versions from the templates and you’re good to go! You can directly see how many users are using your app from a specific operating system. By default, the versions are grouped by minor versions (displayed as 15.x.x).

Donut chart example of system versions

Step four: Configure your insights

In some cases, it is not necessary to know every minor version a user uses. In that case, we provide you with different breakdown keys to better filter your signals. When configuring an insight, the default key is systemVersion, displayed as 15.x.x. Change the breakdown key under Top N Dimension. Here you can switch to majorMinorSystemVersion to display the version as 15.x, or majorSystemVersion to display it as 15.

Under Counting you can also change what your insight is based on: either it counts the system versions based on the signals itself, or based on unique users. Counting them by user will show you how many of your users are using specific system versions, while counting them based on signals shows you which system version generates the most data and therefore is used more often.