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Making an account

Let's register for an account, create an app, and set up your application so you can get started with receiving signals from your app!

Step one: Register an account

To register, you need to navigate to the TelemetryDeck dashboard. Enter your details, including an organization name. In TelemetryDeck, users always belong to an organization. This way, if you want to collaborate with multiple accounts later, you can add them to your organization and share your data. You can choose any name for your organization.

Tap the Create your Account button and if you didn’t see an error message, you can now log into your newly created account with the supplied email address and password!

Step two: Create an app

To create an app with your brand new TelemetryDeck account, navigate to the dashboard. In the top left corner is a dropdown menu, next to the TelemetryDeck logo. Click on Create New App and give your app a name. You now have a newly created app in your dashboard.

Step three: Get your new app’s unique identifier

To reference your app to the TelemetryDeck API you will need your app’s unique app identifier. To find it, we need to open your new app’s settings. In the dashboard, have a look at your left sidebar. Under the SETTINGScategory you will find Set Up App. At the bottom of this page, you can copy your unique identifier, or App ID, by simply clicking on it.

And you’re done!

That’s it, you’re now ready for the next step, in which you will learn to configure your first insight for analyzing your signals!

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