Our Year in Review

We've had a wild year, and a lot happened in 2022 for both us and our customers. Let's wrap it up with some cool stats!

Daniel Jilg

Daniel is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and technical lead

Signals are a very important measure for us, so lets start here:

577,461,576 signals

were sent to our ingestion servers in 2022

That's an increase of 146,322% compared to 2021


Size of our uncompressed signals database backup, and it's growing every second.

Signals are cool, but what about apps and users?

10x apps

We're managing 10.2 times more apps than we did in 2021, which is an amazing increase!

These apps belong to 1125 organizations

6,823,607 users

Were using apps analyzed by TelemetryDeck. We have no clue who these people are, which is exactly as we like it!

Finally, let's look at our calculation performance

0.14149968881111544 seconds

is the average time needed to calculate a query to the TelemetryDeck database in 2022.

This is 3.2x faster than in 2021!

3 minutes and 18.86 seconds

is the time our server needed to crunch all the data you saw above.

Thank you!

Thank you to every single person who decided to try out a new, as-yet unknown service to get privacy-aware analytics data.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted and tooted about us, blogged about us, recommended us to their friends, coworkers and employers!

Thank you, people who wrote emails, or created issues, or participated in our Slack discusssions.

Your contributions helped us find new customers, improve TelemetryDeck, and find and keep our direction! You made us bigger, and we are incredibly grateful!

Onward and upward

Let's make 2023 an even better year for the app developer community (and for us too of course 😊)! Please continue telling us and the world what you love about us, but also what could be improved. Please recommend us to the people who haven't tried us yet. Tell your indie developer friends and your product managers and your bosses. Let's make next year even more awesome.

Thank you very much everyone!

-- Lisa and Daniel