2023 #Telemetry Wrapped

Let's have a look back at how our year has been and a look forward to 2024

Daniel Jilg

Daniel is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and technical lead
Abstract 3D art by BoliviaInteligente

What an incredible journey, 2023 has been. We've grown a lot, we've learned a lot, and we've connected to so many absolutely fantastic customers from incredible Indies to elegant enterprises.

Let's look back at some stats, but first, let me just express my gratitude to each and every one of you for being amazing and awesome. It wouldn't have been so great without you!

TelemetryDeck apps sent 2,025,298,403 Total Signals this year

2023 has been a year of growth. We've earned the trust of bigger customers, and with those came larger signal loads. In the last 12 months, we accepted, cleaned, and stored over 2 billion signals – twice as much as in our entire history before that.

18,056,366 individual people have used TelemetryDeck based apps

Here's an incredible number: we've accepted signals from 18 million different people! These are the users of TelemetryDeck-enabled apps. 18 million people who didn't get their data resold to data brokers and marketers, who didn't get ad-targeted, and who retained their privacy!

The number of these people has increased over the course of the year, so that we now have an average of 500,000 daily active users at the end of 2023. Wow!

317 updates to TelemetryDeck API servers this year

We've been working diligently on the technology behind TelemetryDeck: we've pushed a new version of one of TelemetryDeck's services to the cloud almost every day. That's because we have a very test-driven architecture that allows us to push new features to live very quickly, but still, I'm pretty proud I have to say.

Get your own #TelemetryWrapped

We just pushed your individual #TelemetryWrapped reports to each of your customer accounts. Navigate to any of your apps and then select "2023 Wrapped" in the sidebar.

Screenshot them, tag them #TelemetryWrapped and post them all over your media! We'd love to see how your apps are doing! Let's all be proud of our year and our work!

Want your own wrapped data? Include the TelemetryDeck SDK now!