A statement from TelemetryDeck's founders

This blog post is both absolutely superfluous and urgently needed.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Demonstration against the faschists, Berlin, Germany, September 2020

Our country, Germany, is the country that developed fascism into an efficient machine with cruel perversion. Under Adolf Hitler, 6 million Jews were cruelly murdered, and many more people lost their lives in the war.

Since the end of the Second World War, the historical reappraisal of the Nazi regime has been more or less unsuccessful. The lack of excision of fascist ideas has always been a major problem, which many experts from politics and society have pointed out in vain. On the contrary, the rise of right-wing parties in Germany has led to moderate centrist parties also adopting fascist ideas. A terrible development.

Now the matter has reached a new climax. On November 25, 2023, representatives of the fascist party AfD (Alternative for Germany) got together with sympathizers and donors for a secret meeting to discuss how to deport as many people as possible from Germany based on racist criteria.

It is difficult to describe this situation objectively because it is hard to put into words the contempt that these people have for the 20 million or so people in Germany who are first, second or later generation immigrants. This is about strategically abandoning a quarter of our population to an uncertain fate.

This secret meeting was leaked in advance to a political magazine known for its investigative research. The staff of Correctiv.org succeeded in documenting the meeting of the fascists, identifying the main figures and publishing the plans.

Read the full article: Secret Plan against Germany (English) or Geheimplan gegen Deutschland (German)

This research has shaken up German civil society. Since the secret meeting became known, our country has seen countless demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the AfD and fascism. We are also taking part in these demonstrations together with our friends and families.

For Daniel and me, however, the fight against fascists has been a completely natural part of our lives for so long that it feels strangely arbitrary to write a statement right now.

Why are we doing this anyway? It is important that we as a society act as a strong unit and stand together against the fascists. For the first time since the end of the Third Reich, we have succeeded in mobilizing the so-called Silent Majority to fight fascism. We now have the unique opportunity to oppose the radical right-wing AfD and its sympathizers as an entire society.

We are joining this fight and have therefore decided to take a public stand as a company. To be clear: Minorities and people with fewer privileges can never be blamed for the fact that someone with more rights, privileges and resources is dissatisfied with their own life.

The fascists are a threat to people with immigrant backgrounds, trans people, disabled people, women and many other groups who do not correspond to the oddly constructed ideal image of a "real German". Group-based misanthropy is to be despised in principle and must always be fought - in private, politically and by society. It is good to see this fight happening now. At the same time, we feel the fear of our friends and hear with great bewilderment that they no longer feel safe in our country or have never felt safe.

We are writing these lines in the knowledge that many of our users and customers are not from Germany. We know that the current demonstrations have been picked up in the international press. But we feel that the issue is important enough for us to summarize it once again.

We value our customers and our community very highly and feel that we share many values. We want to reinforce this positive atmosphere with our statement and join the large civil society movement in Germany.

Daniel & Lisa