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Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
44 % off

One thing that makes TelemetryDeck so special for Daniel and me is the good relationship we have with our customers. We receive so much praise from you on social media and by email that we enjoy working every day to make TelemetryDeck that little bit better.

Today, we want to give something back to our community.

We make you happy

For our best and most loyal customers, you, we have created a discount code for Black Friday. Get a whopping 44% off if you buy a yearly plan with the code BLCKFRDYYEAR.

Get a whopping 44% off if you buy a yearly plan with the code BLCKFRDYYEAR

Please note: This code can only be redeemed by customers who do not have a paid account with TelemetryDeck yet.

You make us happy

The TelemetryDeck company has been around for a little over two years now. We have already inspired 1,800 developers with our analytics solution and process data of 500,000 daily active users. In the area of sales, we are dipping our toe into the deep end of enterprise sales for the first time. We are now entering the next major phase of our business and would therefore like to thank everyone who has placed their trust, feedback and data in us.

You should know: Daniel and I do a little happy dance with every new customer. I don't think that's the case with certain other large American companies.

So, go to our dashboard and register with our code BLCKFRDYYEAR 🩵 thanks!