Meet Chatty Insights

Today we are introducing you to a befriended company that provides a useful service for app providers who want to better understand their users. Meet Chatty Insights!

Deep dive into the why behind customer behaviour

In the world of mobile apps, analytics are just the starting point. What is also needed are deep insights about your customers.

This is where Chatty Insights steps in. Our mission is clear: revolutionize how businesses understand and connect with their customers. Fueled by the belief that traditional surveys often miss the mark, we step into the arena with a bold approach, aiming to uncover the profound "whys" that drive customer actions.

Founded by Pietro Ferracini and Valentino Majdandjic, we are on a quest to empower businesses with a deeper understanding of their audience. It goes beyond the surface-level analytics and dives into the motivations, desires, and pain points that shape user behavior. This mission is grounded in the conviction that genuine connections with customers lead to superior products, exceptional experiences, and sustainable growth.

Pietro Ferracini and Valentino Majdandjic, the founders of Chatty Insights

Why Understanding "Why" Matters:

In the dynamic world of mobile apps, success isn't just about numbers. It's about comprehending the "whys" behind user actions. We set out to uncover these invaluable insights, urging founders to shift their focus from "what" to "why" in the quest for a revolutionary approach to app success.

How We Achieve This: A Conversational Revolution

We provide a user-friendly platform for conversation-based surveys, powered by AI. It simplifies gathering insights, transforming it into a delightful chat-like experience. The robust AI analytics convert these conversations into insights, uncovering patterns, trends, and themes that guide intelligent decision-making.

How It Works:

  1. Objective: Set a research objective
  2. AI Interviews Your Users: The AI researcher conducts thousands of interviews via chat following a strict research agenda.
  3. Get Actionable Insights: Automatically extract quantitative insights from your qualitative research and visualize your customer's feedback and sentiments.
  4. 5X Customer Retention*:* Leverage user feedback and actionable insights to keep more customers using your mobile app. Chatty Insights isn't just about numbers; it's about decoding the stories behind them.
Chatty Insights – Screenshot

How You Can Use Chatty:

  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Market Research
  • Mobile Apps Insights and Retention
  • & much more…

How Chatty Insights Is Different from Traditional Surveys:

1. Human-Centric Insights: Chatty Insights engages in dynamic conversations beyond scripted responses. It understands context, nuances, and emotions to generate real, human interactions.

2. Conversations, Not Forms: Farewell to the monotony of traditional forms. Chatty Insights transforms data collection into natural conversations, making respondents feel heard and understood.

3. Deeper Understanding: While traditional forms rely on structured questions, Chatty Insights prompts respondents to share rich, detailed insights, uncovering the 'why' behind the answers.

4. Contextual Intelligence: Chatty Insights deciphers context, adapting to the flow of conversation and delving into topics that matter most, adding layers of meaning to the insights received.

5. Personality with Purpose: Chatty Insights has the ability to bring a friendly tone, a touch of humor, and a human touch to interactions, creating an engaging and enjoyable insights-gathering experience.

6. Insights, Not Just Information: AI analytics transform conversations into meaningful patterns, trends, and themes, offering a window into the minds of your audience.