Developer tools you should know

We're highlighting customers that provide developer tools. Get to know SecureShellfish, LaunchBuddy, RoadKit, RemafoX and Dark Noise.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Desk with monitors and keyboard

This month, we highlight developer tools. Meet the four fabulous developer that provide this month's apps. You can read the details about our Member Shoutout here.

Put server content in the Files app and Finder with SecureShellfish

Secure Shellfish

Secure Shellfish is a powerful SSH terminal for iOS & Mac. It helps you to put server content in the Files app and Finder.

Keep track of app ideas with LaunchBuddy


Most indie developers have way too many app ideas. So they write them down, but never look at the ideas again. LaunchBuddy gives indie developers a way to keep track of those app ideas—and one day actually start working on them. LaunchBuddy also has great task management features focused on actually releasing your apps. And so much more. It’s your buddy to launch your next app or update with confidence.

Integrate a ticket system into your app with RoadKit


The RoadKit app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS makes it easy to manage your feature requests and bug reports, with a simple ticketing system that allows you to track and prioritize issues. And with the ability to merge similar tickets, you can keep your ticket queue clean and organized, making it easier to manage your development process. RoadKit makes it easy to share a changelog with your users, so they can see exactly what's new.

Streamline the app localization process with RemafoX


RemafoX is designed to fill the gaps in Xcode and streamline the app localization process in multiple ways. It reduces the number of steps to add translations, it provides automated machine-translations, it finds duplicates or empty translations, it provides safe code to reference in code with full autocompletion and type checking support, and much more.

Special Feature: The app that significantly helped Daniel to build TelemetryDeck, Dark Noise.

Write code more focussed with Dark Noise

Dark Noise

Dark Noise is a delightful ambient noise app that can help you sleep, focus, and relax. It's designed to be simple to use, with a lot of powerful features and system integrations under the hood. Each of the 50+ high quality ambient noises feature a custom-built animated icon that brings the sound to life. You can even combine sounds to create your own custom soundscapes for endless variety!

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