TelemetryDeck Fall Update 2021

Over the past few weeks, we've taken our first steps as "real" entrepreneurs. We have received letters that have ruined our respective days and mail that has made us grin from ear to ear. We've created heaps of paperwork and learned a lot about German bureaucracy. Fortunately, so far there has always been a helping hand, other founders, friends or advisors who could show us the ropes. And that is already the first and most important thing we learned: Always ask questions and tell people about your problems. So many people are happy to help you.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
TelemetryDeck Fall Update 2021

We won a prize

An absolute highlight is this: We were selected as one of the winners of Start?Zuschuss!, a Bavarian founders prize (link in German) and are thus eligible to apply for funding. We're receiving 36k euros from the state of Bavaria to boost the launch of our company. The only prerequisite is, we have to raise the same amount ourselves - from our own money, from investors, and from our subscription revenue.

Which brings us to our next important news item: We are very happy about our first paying customer! It is not only financially necessary for us to cover our costs through monthly subscriptions – each new subscription also gives us incredible drive. You inspire us and motivate us. Thanks for the endorphin boost.

We can really use that boost. Daniel is currently fighting through a cold, taking care of server performance, and working on improving the iOS and Desktop apps, especially with features that you, the users, suggested to us. Lisa is sitting down at her desk in the evenings after her full-time job to do the things that need to be done administratively. Seeing you wonderful beings out there using our software gives us the strength we need to keep TelemetryDeck moving forward.

Next steps

Our next steps are, on the one hand, the search for investors, which we will actively tackle from now on. For this purpose, we will use the network that we have already built up so far. In addition, we still have some interesting startups competitions on our list in the coming months. Our feature roadmap (web app, better graphs, new insight types) is very full, and we will try to strengthen the team in the near future, so we can show you progress more quickly.

As always, thanks a lot for your support! Let us know what you think, we always love to hear your feedback.