Fitness apps you should know

This month, we're highlighting customers that provide apps supporting you in your fitness journey. Get to know MeandR, Rheaparks, and Personal Best.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
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This month, we're revisiting one of our earliest member highlights. Back in November 2022, we showcased fitness apps for the first time. We suspect that in the meantime, our customers have even more apps in this category, seeing as our developer database has expanded by 800 since then.

It's always a great time to focus on personal fitness. Thankfully, we're past January 1st, a day when gyms and running tracks are crowded with people who need a special occasion to prioritize their health. 😛

Track your progress with Sizr



Measurements, Photos & Weight

Welcome to Sizr, the ultimate app for tracking your fitness journey! Sizr is designed to help you visualize and monitor your physical transformation with ease and precision.
Sizr enables you to effortlessly track your fitness progress with auto-focused photos🤳, weight, measures, compare your before and after and even monitor your stats 📈
Begin your fitness adventure today!

Discover new routes with MeandR

MeandR – Walking Workouts

MeandR – Walking Workouts

Generating random routes

MeandR encourages people to get outside for a walk by generating random routes, at the distance (or number of steps) they chose, then challenges them to complete the route within a time. It uses Apple Maps to generate straight out or circular routes that start and finish from wherever they are. While doing the route it tracks progress, time, and steps and notifies them when they get to each waypoint and the finish.

Explore natural parks with Rheaparks



Discover parks, find hikes and plan your trip or vacation.

Rheaparks is a free app that helps you discover parks, find hikes and plan your trip or vacation. The app currently covers 11 natural parks in France and wthe developers are always working on adding more. For now the focus is on France before expanding to Europe. All parks come with a carefully curated selection of hikes, representing the best trails one can do to visit and enjoy these beautiful places. Many details are provided to the user, including statistics about the hikes, rules, trail maps and just about everything that’s needed to enjoy the time spent outside. Users can read original descriptions for even more details and even view photos provided by the community!

Level up your workouts with Personal Best

Personal Best

Personal Best

Level up your workouts

Personal Best helps you level up your workouts and train better. It takes your workouts from Apple Health and turns them into insights, interesting statistics and leaderboards. You can even turn workouts into custom images to share with others. Unlike many other workout-tracking apps, Personal Best is obsessed with keeping your data private and on device.

A statement from the founders of TelemetryDeck

We are aware that there is a dangerous and hateful trend when it comes to weight, fitness, and bodies in general. Also a lot of bad advice about sports and health is circulating. We explicitly distance ourselves from this. Our goal is to support sensible and appropriate training. Please be responsible with your health and get advice from a healthcare professional or trainer if needed.

Psssst: The next member shoutout is about VisionOS. Stay tuned to read more in our upcoming newsletter.