Food and cooking apps you should know

We're highlighting customers that provide apps that help you eat better. Get to know Mensa Dresden, and Pestle.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Food and cooking apps you should know

This month, we have chosen to focus on the theme of food and cooking. The idea comes from Christmas—here in Germany, tasty meals are an important part of the celebration. Combined with legal holidays when stores are closed, these opulent meals demand organizational excellence from the people responsible for planning and preparing them.

And even in normal times (i.e., times when you only have to deal with an economic and energy crisis, a pandemic and war, but just don't have to celebrate Christmas as well), meal planning is a major challenge: drawing up a menu, taking preferences and intolerances into account, shopping, preparing. And all that over and over again. So why not look for some help?

Today we present two apps that applied to us when I was looking for apps that fulfill one or more of these points: makes meal planning easier, helps to manage the grocery shopping list, or offers a service for people with intolerances.

Plan your meal with Mensa Dresden

Mensa Dresden

Mensa Dresden

Plan your meal and check your balance as a student in Dresden.

Mensa Dresden is an app for hungry students (and staff/guests) that shows what's on the menu in Dresden's canteens. The app also has filters for people with intolerances, allergies or other dietary preferences. Particularly practical in everyday life: You can scan the so-called Emeal card via NFC to display the current balance.

Build your own cookbook with Pestle

Pestle: Recipe Organizer

Pestle: Recipe Organizer


Pestle allows users to create their own cookbooks from recipes they find online. They can plan meals, share recipes, and discover new dishes.
As you cook, you are guided through the recipe step by step. There are handy quantity guides and many users love being able to set a timer with just the touch of a button.

A statement from the founders of TelemetryDeck

We distance ourselves from any kind of diet culture and do not endorse any particular diet. However, for people who, for a variety of reasons, need to think carefully about what they eat, we believe there should be the best possible support.

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