Global Climate Strike 2022

Let's see some apps that are good for the environment, shall we?

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person

We understand that many companies use international awareness days to market their own products. We are familiar – and pretty disappointed – with the practice of greenwashing in many industries. So we asked ourselves: how can we express our concern for the global climate and contribute to additional awareness with our outreach? We showcase cool and amazing apps that we love!

Shoutout to awesome app developers

We'd like to feature TelemetryDeck customers who are working to protect the environment, conserve resources, or support climate activists. Through our newsletter, we asked for submissions and our team selected these three apps:

DisplayBuddy helps with saving energy



Control external displays directly from your Mac

DisplayBuddy lets users control the real brightness of their monitors directly from their Mac, without touching the buttons on their monitor, helping reduce the real energy usage of their monitor, while also reducing eye strain!

Kilowatt makes electric cars more convenient

Kilowatt – Elektroauto Timer

Kilowatt – Elektroauto Timer

Easily calculate charging time

Kilowatt helps you easily estimate when your electric car will be charged up and ready to go again.

Captionista makes climate activism more accessible



Hand-crafted Subtitles for iPhone and iPad.

Quickly create beautiful, accurate subtitles and captions for social video posts. Get more engagement on your videos while making them more accessible.

Let's embrace the community

In the future, we want to feature apps we love more often. So every now and then we will pick a day, or a cause, and ask you to submit your apps. To get notified whenever that happens, please subscribe to our newsletter!

Oh, and of course, you are very welcome to give us feedback on our Global Climate Strike action.