Happy Spring from TelemetryDeck

Summer is just around the corner and the mood is brightening. Time to remind our dear community that we have created a wonderful way to say thank you.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person

The Gift of Giving

We have a feature that allows you to give free signals to your friends and professional colleagues by inviting them to use TelemetryDeck. When you use a special link, both you and your friend will receive a Signal Boost of 125,000 additional free signals per month. 💐

This is a special time-limited offer! Normally you'll get 100,000 signals per referral, but until the end of April you'll get 125,000 instead!

Those boosts stack, of course. So for each organziation that registers using your link, you'll get another boost.

This way you get a little present, your friend gets a little present, and we get a little promotion, which helps us a lot in getting the word out about TelemetryDeck. 😊

Hello Web Dashboard

You can generate a link to gift Signal Boosts in our new Web Dashboard.

In the web dashboard you can already see several charts, such as the cumulative number of users in the last hour, trends in your user numbers, signals, and sessions over the last 30 days and many more. You can also see all your insight groups and custom made insights – we're still working on the web editor for those.

In the upcoming weeks, we will finish the preload setup and roll out the input options for the search queries.

Let's Boost Each Other!

To get started with Signal Boosts, go to dashboard.telemetrydeck.com, log in with your TelemetryDeck account, and click on the Signal Boost Link. You can share the link via Twitter, email, or any other way you like.

We hope you have a wonderful springtime, and we're grateful to have you in our community!

– Lisa and Daniel who make TelemetryDeck