Language learning apps you should know

We're highlighting customers that provide apps that help you learn new languages. Get to know Nihongo and Nihongo Lessons.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
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This month, we highlight app that help you learn new languages. So far we have received only two submissions. We'll be happy to add your app to this list if it helps people learn new languages. You can read the details about our Member Shoutout here.

Study Japanese with Nihongo



Japanese dictionary and study tool

Nihongo is a Japanese dictionary and study tool, built to help you learn Japanese using the words you are encountering naturally in native materials like manga, anime, video games, or in the real world. It automatically generates flashcards from words you look up using your camera, and features a spaced repetition flashcard system to help you retain them for the long-term.

Become fluent in Japanese with Nihongo Lessons

Nihongo Lessons

Nihongo Lessons

Become fluent in Japanese

Nihongo Lessons is a learning app, made for people serious about becoming fluent in Japanese. It teaches you writing, vocabulary, and grammar through 7000 handcrafted sentences, all with professionally voice-acted audio, that each introduce just a single new word or concept.

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