Organization and calendar apps you should know

We're highlighting customers that provide apps that help you organize your daily tasks. Get to know In Your Face, Classifier, Sequel, SuperPlanner and Almost Done.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Organization and calendar apps you should know

This month, we have chosen the theme of organization and managing daily tasks. The first month of the year seems like a fitting opportunity to introduce apps that help make everyday life feel less overwhelming.

Make date-focussed note-taking with Agenda


Agenda, is a date-focused note-taking app for both planning and documenting your projects. With its unique timeline, Agenda gives you a complete picture of past, present, and future. Add notes for what is currently on your agenda, while also preparing notes for an upcoming meeting. Use older notes as breadcrumbs to remind yourself why and when you took the actions you did. In 2018 Agenda won an Apple Design Award and was selected by MacStories as Best New App.

Let In Your Face remind you of meetings

In Your Face

In Your Face interrupts whatever you are doing with a full-screen alert, just in time for the meeting. It is virtually impossible to be late to meetings. The app also integrates with all popular video conferencing services and allows for joining calls with a single click.

Sequel helps people stay organized on all their entertainment.


Whether you want to track movies, series, games or books, Sequel has everything you need. An all-in-one tracker, Sequel checks what's coming out soon and even notifies you when something on your wishlist is released. From the latest movies to timeless classics, you'll never forget something you absolutely have to see!

Almost Done organizes your daily tasks

Almost Done

Almost Done is a very aesthetic, simple, and functional task organization app that will help you focus on your tasks at hand. All tasks of the day (and unchecked tasks from the past) show up right when you open the app. You can also create lists and choose your favorite colors.

SuperPlanner combines your calendar with your tasks


SuperPlanner is a visual day planner that combines your calendar with task management features. You create blocks of time in your day, and assign tasks to complete. Each activity has its time allocated, allowing you to focus without distractions. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and supports the latest Apple technologies, such as Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets, Dynamic Island and Live Activities.

Classifier allows people to organize their collections


Classifier was created for collectors of *pretty much anything* who want to show off their collections without the hassle of having to physically take them everywhere. You can tag collectibles, creating wishlists, and generate comprehensive statistics about your collections.

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