Photo and video apps you should know

We're highlighting apps that help you create better photos and videos. Get to know Hello There, Captionista, trichromatic and Cascable.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Person taking a picture with an iPhone

This month, we highlight photo and video apps. Meet the four fabulous developer that provide great tools. You can read the details about our Member Shoutout here.

Combine monochrome images with trichromatic


The trichromatic photographic process works by taking three separate monochrome images (a red, a green and a blue one) and combining them into a single color image. Trichromatic lets you do exactly this from your phone. Get creative by changing your framing and the duration between shots, or experiment by capturing moving subjects.

Organize your greeting cards with Hello There

Hello There

Hello There is an iOS app designed to help you effortlessly sort and organize greeting cards that you receive from friends, family, co-workers or anyone. It is the perfect solution for those who want to cherish the memories of their heartfelt greetings and keep them organized for future reference while eliminating clutter.

Create subtitles for your videos with Captionista


Quickly create beautiful, accurate subtitles and captions for social video posts. Get more engagement on your videos while making them more accessible. A big new 1.5 release coming soon.

Remote-control your camera with Cascable


Cascable is a powerful tool for working with over 200 supported cameras from the biggest manufacturers. Connecting via WiFi or USB, with Cascable you can remote control, automate, preview, and import photos from your camera. From the smallest iPhone to the largest iPad, Cascable is your photography assistant on-the-go.

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