TelemetryDeck's referral program

We reward developers who convince other developers to use TelemetryDeck.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Two Sondrines giving each other a high five

What's better than one developer using TelemetryDeck for their app? That's right, two developers using TelemetryDeck for their apps!

We've had our referral program for a while, allowing you to refer friends and coworkers and getting free signals. But this week – and just this week – we're going even higher: instead of getting 100,000 additional free signals per month, each referral with gain you 200,000 free additional signals per month! Both of you. Both the referrer and the refer-ree. Referist. The person being referred.

These stack as well, so refer 7 people, and you'll have the free equivalent of a paid plan for life.

This is how TelemetryDeck's recommendation program works

To refer a friend, ask them to sign up using your referral link. You can get your referral link by clicking this link. Or select "Signal Boosts" in the hamburger menu in the top right of the TelemetryDeck dashboard.

Screenshot of the menu in the TelemetryDeck dashboard. Signal Boosts is highlighted.

On the Signal Boosts page, you will receive your personal invitation link and a text suggestion for a tweet or toot with which you can share this link.
Hot Tip: In our experience, posts are particularly successful when they include an interesting insight and a screenshot with the data of your own app.

When one (or more) of your friends follow your invitation to use TelemetryDeck, we give both you and the referred person an additional 200,000 signals per month - forever. To receive the signal boost, your friend must create an account.

What's next? We'll email you once you've received the Signal Boost. Invite as many people as you like, but please be fair and only invite real people, not imaginary friends. Please note that we will check for spam or fraud.

Why do we do this?

Screenshot of a graph of daily active users that shows a significant peak in the last vew days.

To be honest, we completely underestimated the impact of the new Apple iOS 17 operating system on our business. We are currently experiencing a boom in website visitors, social media referrals, and we are receiving many more signals per day than ever before. We are super grateful for our fantastic community, and a signal boost is a great way for us to express this.