2022 Summer Update

We’d never publish a summer update so late in the year without good reason. And reasons we have! Today we have a big overview of (almost) all topics of the last weeks.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person

Love is in the Air

Yes, we use that subheading often, but it’s just the best way to describe the relations between TelemetryDeck and our beloved customers. So let’s start our update this time with a great review from Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly. He puts his finger in exactly the right place: We set out to compete with Google Firebase.

Y’all are doing excellent things with TelemetryDeck. Having come from Firebase, I’m so much happier with the ability to present the data I gather in ways that actually make sense to me. I really am enjoying the MASSIVE improvement that TelemetryDeck has made to my analytics. Thanks again!

We heard this before, and we will focus on that topic in the upcoming months: TelemetryDeck is an amazing alternative to Google Firebase’s analytics. Spread the word!

Reminder: We offer yearly Payment

As of July this year, you can also pay for our plans by year. When you pay annually, we’ll charge you 17% less – you get yourself two months for free and we spare our accountant some work. Everyone is happy!

Product News

We are busily moving TelemetryDeck’s server infrastructure to Microsoft Azure for two reasons:

  1. Since we’re part of the Microsoft Startup Program, we get special deals when hosting on Azure, which is amazing and a really good thing if you need to shovel a lot of data!
  2. We have needs! Needs that can only be met by hyperscalers and rock-solid infrastructure. Once the move is finished, Daniel can sleep through the night again instead of getting alarms from our servers every few weeks.

Other important steps in the last months were the work on the API server, which recently gained caching, insight precalculation, and various addons to the TelemetryDeck Query Language. This makes the server way faster for larger customers, a very important feature as we grow.

We're also spending a lot of time on the Web Dashboard, which has recently reached feature parity with the desktop app and is continuing to grow, with a new improved insight editor.

We open sourced our iOS and macOS apps. Learn more on this in Daniel's Blog post here.

Hello Marina

We have just hired another part-time person to work on our website and documentation. We are very happy that Marina has joined our small team. You will see a lot of their work in the coming weeks.


Lisa is busy meeting people. She is making connections with the Israeli delegation that was just in Augsburg to participate in the "Bavarian-Israeli Smart City Conference". She traveled to Munich in July to meet other female founders and discuss topics such as founding, finding the right co-founder, and sexism in the startup industry.

She is also very much looking forward to visiting Helsinki in November. Please let us know if anyone is coming to SLUSH as well. Lisa would be happy to arrange a meeting.

Daniel will be giving a talk on Big Data at the "Hackerkiste" in Augsburg. He is currently looking for good dev conferences where we can introduce TelemetryDeck to more app developers. If you have any hot recommendations, please contact us.


For our German-speaking friends: We were invited by the University of Augsburg for a podcast interview. We talked about the story behind TelemetryDeck, the challenges of founding a startup during the lockdown, and the wonderful people who have helped us on our way so far. You can listen to the episode via Open Spotify. (At posting time, that link seems to be down, but we're sure the very talented people at spotify will fix that in no time!)

For the international crowd: Daniel and his buddy David are hosting a fortnightly show on the life of indie developers, server wranglers, and side projecteers. Listen to Waiting for Review in any podcatcher of your choice.

Funding Updates are coming soon

Our biggest project so far is finding a group of angel investors for TelemetryDeck and getting them on board. We have had countless meetings with our lawyers and our notary to get the paperwork done. Once everything is complete, we'll be sure to send you an update on that. Spoiler: It's all going very well.