New strategic customer in the field of public transport

We are pleased to announce the launch of a pilot project with the Stadtwerke Augsburg. The goal of the collaboration is to optimize the swa mobil app, which allows users to find their public transport connections in the city of Augsburg and buy tickets.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Lisa and Daniel from TelemetryDeck

Daniel and I are overjoyed to announce that after TelemetryDeck underwent a thorough data privacy audit, we were able to win a fantastic new customer from TelemetryDecks hometown, Stadtwerke Augsburg (swa).

As Stadtwerke Augsburg – Augsburg municipal transport and power company – is a company in public sector, communication with the citizens of the city is a natural part of its mission. That's why we are reporting in detail about the cooperation today. We invite our German readers to download the press release.

Resolving the conflict between data collection and data protection

Like many responsible companies, Stadtwerke Augsburg is careful with the personal information of people who visit the company's websites and apps. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand how exactly its online services are used in order to optimize them step by step and thus better adapt them to the needs of their customers.

Until TelemetryDeck went public, there was hardly any way to analyze usage without also processing personal information. TelemetryDeck has solved this problem thanks to the built-in anonymization with its in-house software and will provide Stadtwerke Augsburg with detailed usage analytics without spying on the city's citizens.

A clear question led to the cooperation

Users do thousands of search requests for puclic transport connections with the swa Mobil app every month. With our graphs and tables, it becomes visible, how passengers navigate through the app.

swa Mobil

swa Mobil

Navigate through Augsburg via tram, bus, car sharing, swaxi and bike!

With the swa Mobil app you can find public transport connections within the city of Augsburg as well as booking regional car sharing and e-bike sharing offerings. Ticket sales are also handled via swa Mobil.

Better understanding the relationship between connection searches and ticket purchases is business-critical for the transit agency. Dr. Roberto Bianchi, Chief Digital Officer / Business Unit Manager, is happy that detailed usage data will be available from now on.

The pilot project is scheduled to run for 6 months

The pilot project starts with supporting Stadtwerke Augsburg in integrating TelemetryDeck into the iOS version of the swa Mobil app (Swift). In the second step, the analysis of the Android app (Kotlin) will follow. We are planning a long-term cooperation beyond the pilot phase.

We know that many municipal and communal companies have the problem that they would like to collect usage data in their apps. Until TelemetryDeck entered the stage, however, the established analytics providers did not satisfy the high data protection requirements. We are glad that we can now provide a solution to these companies.

We hope that other city and municipal apps will become interested in TelemetryDeck in the coming months, and we are already in initial talks with other customers from this sector.