Freshly updated apps you should know (WWDC special)

WWDC special: We're highlighting customers that tell us about the adoption process of their latest app version.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
iPhone versions

This month, we're focusing on the adaption process of freshly updated apps. Meet the three fabulous developer that share their experience with their latest rollout process.

Track your expenses with Amounts



Amounts is a personal expense tracking app with a focus on quick transaction entry, clean design, and a ton of customization.

Amounts is a simple and easy to use expense tracker designed specifically for the iPhone. You can enter new transactions in seconds, just add an amount and select a category. If you want to get more specific, you can add an image and description.

Customize your own categories to track specific areas of spending. Examine how your spending changes over time using the many charts and graphs. Easily see where your money is going.

Jason's experience with the latest update:

The latest update of Amounts is a complete rewrite in SwiftUI, with a bunch of new features including budgeting, redesigned charts, iCloud sync, multiplatform support (Mac & iPad), and of course privacy preserving analytics with TelemetryDeck.

As far as user adoption goes, our most recent bug fix updates have received about 90% user adoption in just under a week. This is likely due to our app being available only on iOS 16, so users are more likely to use automatic updates.

Record your blood glucose to HealthKit with Glucomate



Glucomate is an app for people who record their blood glucose to HealthKit.

Glucomate is an app for people who record their blood glucose to HealthKit, and want to use an app to help visualise, analyse and make sense of the data collected over time.

Zach's experience with the latest update:

Its initial launch was only 6 weeks ago, but the 1.1 update that's just gone out focuses on a few highly-requested features:

  • Localized the app for Dutch.
  • Shows waking glucose, which can be an important metric for people wanting to improve the consistency of their blood glucose.
  • Better support for people who might not measure glucose every day, but instead only every few days. We now let these people view more days at a time on charts, instead of having a lot of blank charts everywhere. 
  • Customizable chart axis heights, as the previous defaults weren't suitable for everyone.
The update is currently 48 hours into a phased rollout, and according to my TelemetryDeck stats, almost 40% of signals today have come from the latest version! So I'd say the rollout is going well. Interestingly, 0.29% of users are running iOS 17!

Streamline the app localization process with RemafoX

Cihat's experience with the latest update:

The vast majority of users applied the update within 48h. After that, it slowly decreased for 3 more days, so it settled down to a low level after 5 days.


Multiple languages in Xcode

RemafoX is an Xcode plugin that makes localizing your app a breeze.

It's designed to fill the gaps in Xcode and streamline the app localization process in multiple ways. It reduces the number of steps to add translations, it provides automated machine-translations, it finds duplicates or empty translations, it provides safe code to reference in code with full autocompletion and type checking support, and much more.

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