We're highlighting websites using TelemetryDeck for privacy-friendly analytics

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Daniel holding an iPhone with TelemetryDeck's website on the screen.

A few weeks ago, we released our Web SDK so that TelemetryDeck can now also help analyze and optimize websites. We are super happy that after a short time so many of our customers are already using the new SDK.

Chart: adaption of TelemetryDeck Java Script SDK and Web SDK

Today we'll introduce some of them and also tell you a bit about our own website.

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Zach is one of our most dedicated customers, and we are always very happy to hear from him or his blood glucose app Glucomate. He recently started using the TelemetryDeck Web SDK for his website and blog as well.

Screenshot of Glucomate website

Zach: As for integrating the Telemetry Deck web SDK… well, it couldn't have been easier. It was one line of code added to a template file, which is then applied to every page on the statically-generated site! Web dev is not my specialty, so it was nice to not have to have a complicated process, and this was one of the reasons I went with Telemetry Deck for this task instead of another service. The other main reason being the privacy-focused nature of it!

Alexandre has been very cautious about web tracking so far. We are very happy that we have built so much trust with our privacy-first approach, that he feels comfortable with TelemetryDeck.

Timac is a 15-year-old technical blog covering iOS and macOS internals. You can learn about Apple’s use of Swift and SwiftUI and read about the evolution of the programming languages used by Apple.

Screenshot of Timac blog front page

Alexandre: Until recently, I refused to embed any analytic SDKs to protect my readers' privacy. TelemetryDeck is a game changer, enabling me to collect basic anonymous data while protecting the users' privacy. and

Morten uses our web SDK mainly for two websites:

  • is a page about Indie projects and freelancing. Here, you find Morten's apps and frameworks
Screenshot of CoolYellowApp website
  • is the website that belongs to Morten's native macOS app for App Store Connect and the Apple Developer Portal
Screenshot of AppDab website

Morten: I initially didn't want tracking on my website, but I had been using TelemetryDeck in my apps, so was pleasantly surprised when they introduced the Web SDK. What's even better is that it only took a few minutes to integrate it, with the website deployment being the most time-consuming part!

Ryan's website is the proof that we sometimes accept last minute submissions to our member shoutout. 😅

On his blog, thatvirtualboy, he writes about iOS development and Swift UI.

Screenshot website thatvirtualboy

Ryan: I just set up TelemetryDeck for the Web on my blog, and it is freaking wonderful. If you’re looking to move toward a lightweight app and/or website analytics solution that’s not evil, you should really check them out.

TelemetryDeck is a very cute analytics and usage data service made by Lisa and Daniel, with help from Marina and Flo.

Jokes aside, our own website is the very first page we integrated the new Web SDK, to try it out and make sure it works properly.

We're using it to count visitors and check out referrers: who's linking to us and why? We also use TelemetryDeck Web SDK to check whether our various ads are working. We only very recently started dipping our toes into buying ads (e.g. on and using referrers and source parameters helps us make sure that the ads work.

Screenshot of TelemetryDeck website

Daniel: We're also using TelemetryDeck's funnels feature to evaluate this very website's ability to compel potential customers to actually sign up. So if you're reading this, and you don't have a TelemetryDeck account yet, I personally and entirely unbiasedly think that you should click the "Get Started" button in this here section:

Privacy-first, hassle-free analytics for your website. Click this button, it'll make Daniel super happy!

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