The one with the widgets

We just released our newest version of TelemetryDeck Viewer for iOS, and we're super excited to share it with you: This one finally has widgets 🚀

Daniel Jilg

Daniel is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and technical lead

You can now add widgets of all your insights to your Home Screen. We support all size classes for widgets, even the humongous ones on the iPad!

Enjoy, and we would LOVE to see screenshots of your widget-ed home screens, just send them to our Twitter account.

Configuring widgets

After adding, long-press the widget to select which insight to display, and what time range to display. If you have multiple apps, you can also display the app's name inside the widget for added overview.

The way to widgets

This feature is special in two ways: first, it had way more obstacles than it seemed at the beginning – we had to change the way we store our authentication credentials and think about how we share data between the widgets and the main app, we had to partially rewrite chart code, and we had to fiddle a lot with Intents.

And second: It's the first feature developed by our intern, Charlotte!

Charlotte has previously worked on backend tools and our internal admin tool, but now she's switched to working on the iOS and Mac apps. We only had to give her a little guidance, the rest was her drive to learn, her taste in design, and her strong desire to write good Swift code. It's great to have her on board.

Let's explore together!

We have just released a new version of TelemetryDeck Viewer Beta which includes the Test Mode toggle! If you don't already use TelemetryDeck, now is a great time to get it for free. Include the Swift Package within your app in a matter of minutes, and see real, useful, and anonymized data in real time without compromising your users' privacy.

Have a wonderful Day 🤙
– Daniel