TelemetryDeck Winter Update

Honestly, I'm annoyed with always seeing Daniel with just a screen around his head.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person

Pandemic fatigue

Honestly, I'm annoyed with always seeing Daniel with just a screen around his head. I mean, does the guy even have a belly? Legs? Seriously: I'm sick and tired of the eternal video conferences. We'd love to meet "for real" again. Standing together at a whiteboard, getting into each other's words, and having heated but fun discussions.

What we actually do – besides complaining

But we make the best of it. We now like to make calls via Tuple. A service where you can not only share the screen, but actually work together on stuff. Good for pair programming, planning, goofing around. We're optimizing our communication and just finding out that between motivated and eloquent people, writing emails can actually be incredibly efficient!

One thing that hasn't changed since our last update in the fall is the bureaucracy in Germany. For example, the photo above was taken at our first notary appointment. We were there to register our company correctly.

Cross your fingers for us: We made it to the last round in the start-up competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics and can now hope for funding to support our budget.


By the way, our first press release was well received. Suddenly, people outside the developer community are also interested in GDPR-compliant analytics software when Google is once again criticized for transferring personal data to the USA.

Good for us: Currently, two data protection authorities in important European countries have prohibited the use of Google Analytics, namely Austria and France.

Our awesome helpers

In the last few months, we have worked a lot on the product. This was only possible because we have great helpers.

Charlotte is our first employee and is working a lot on the Viewer App. For example, she took care of the widgets that we presented to you the other day. At the moment, she is working on making Insights load and display much faster.

Konstantin has built an SDK for Android apps. If you feel like having a look and trying it out, you can check out our Android tutorial.

Christoph took care of the Unity SDK. We rely on testers from the community for this platform as well. You'll more information and a tutorial on the GitHub Repo for TelemetryDeck Unity.

Daniel and Flo are working together on our web app, the TelemetryDeck Dashboard. You already know this if you have edited your account lately or switched to a paid plan. We're also displaying some hard-coded charts there that show off the power of our upcoming query API. Soon you will be able to view all your insights through the dashboard as well. How exciting is that?!

Next steps

We continue to work on funding TelemetryDeck. So if you are thinking about upgrading to a paid tier, now is the time to do it. We're also testing different marketing strategies and looking for ways to get to know the Android developer community and Unity developer community better. If you feel you can help us with any of these topics, we'd love to hear from you via Slack.

Also, it helps us immensely if you recommend us and spread the word. On Twitter, on Slack, on Reddit: If you think TelemetryDeck is cool, please tell everyone about it!

Peace, Love, Privacy ✌️

Lisa & Daniel