Winter Update 2023

A very exciting milestone, your feedback, and the future!

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person

One Billion Signals!

We've been eagerly awaiting this day for a long time: the one billionth signal reached our server on January 11, 2023. What an incredible milestone! We have always said that we are in the Big Data business with TelemetryDeck, and now it is official.

We are grateful to all the amazing app vendors who have chosen to trust us with their data. We truly appreciate it!


Take our survey please <3

Thanks a lot to the app developers who already participated in our Net Promoter Score survey so far, almost all of whom have also taken the time to provide detailed feedback on TelemetryDeck. We sincerely thank them for their feedback and the great rating they’ve given us. We take their suggestions for improvement to heart and will keep them up to date on product news via the blog and newsletter.

If you can spare 1–2 minutes, we would be very grateful if you could participate in the survey: TelemetryDeck annual Net Promoter Score.

New features

We've been hard at work and crossed off a lot of feature requests over the past few months. Read Daniel's blog post about the new features: Retention chart, System versions chart, Combo box picker in Insight Editor, Customizable date ranges, Auto Relative Dates, Intersection post aggregator, and the server upgrade:

On to the next billion!

We've set ambitious goals for 2023. On the product side, we'll focus exclusively on Advisor, our Analytics Department as a Service. Advisor will provide automated optimization suggestions based on your existing data. So, if you are considering integrating TelemetryDeck into your app to evaluate user behavior, now is the ideal time to start.

In terms of the company, we are exploring ways to grow the team and roll out new features quickly, while providing the support you need. To that end, we are in contact with our mentors and business angels and preparing for a strategy weekend soon.

It’s delightful to be on this exciting journey with so many great people, and we’re optimistic about the future. The world needs analytics, not surveillance!