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HASOMED monitors drop-offs with TelemetryDeck

Data is indispensable in HASOMED's business model. At the same time, data protection poses organizational challenges for all companies in the healthcare sector. TelemetryDeck is an elegant and cost-effective solution for that setting.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Screenshot from Intervisionsportal and HASOMED Logo

Our app, Intervisionsportal, serves as a marketplace designed exclusively for psychotherapists, facilitating their networking for intervisions—a vital component of professional growth in the field. Intervision groups can be easily found or created within the app, allowing psychotherapists to engage in collegial exchanges, discuss challenging cases, and gain fresh perspectives to enrich their therapeutic practices. Psychotherapists require regular consultations for case discussions and professional development. However, finding suitable intervision groups can be arduous. Our app addresses this challenge by providing a marketplace where users can connect and collaborate seamlessly.

Screenshot Intervisionsportal

Our primary audience comprises psychotherapists and those in training within the field. With approximately 700 users, our app has been operational for over three years, fostering a growing community of professionals seeking collaborative learning opportunities.

App analytics in the healthcare sector

TelemetryDeck emerged as a natural fit for our app due to its lightweight nature and unwavering commitment to privacy—a crucial aspect given the sensitive nature of the data handled within our platform. Unlike conventional analytics solutions like Google Analytics, TelemetryDeck's privacy-focused approach aligns seamlessly with our core values and operational requirements.



Marketplace for intervision groups in the field of psychotherapy

About working with TelemetryDeck’s app analytics

Introduced to TelemetryDeck by a freelance developer familiar with its capabilities, we swiftly recognized its potential to meet our needs. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities make it effortless for us to gain actionable insights into user behavior, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

The onboarding process was remarkably smooth. With comprehensive documentation and intuitive SDKs, we seamlessly integrated the platform into our apps and websites. Any initial challenges encountered were swiftly addressed with prompt assistance from the team.

In the last months, app analytics has become an indispensable tool in our daily operations. From gathering basic statistical data on our websites to analyzing user behavior within our web apps, TelemetryDeck empowers us to glean valuable insights. Whether it's evaluating feature adoption rates or optimizing user journeys, TelemetryDeck equips us with the data-driven insights needed to enhance our platform continuously.

Key insights that helped us optimize our web-apps

Through TelemetryDeck’s app analytics, we can address crucial questions vital for platform optimization, such as:

  • Are users effectively discovering and engaging with new features?
  • What is the interaction rate among users who notice new features?
  • How do users navigate through our app, and at what point do we observe drop-offs?

This case study highlights our commitment to leveraging innovative solutions like TelemetryDeck to drive positive outcomes and support the ongoing professional development of psychotherapists worldwide.

Visit Intervisionsportal here: intervisionsportal.de