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Sam increased the performance of the paywall with the data from TelemetryDeck

Chippy Tools is a measurement app for tradespeople (aka “Chippies” in Australia). It simplifies many of the calculations used every day when constructing, decks, stairs and more. The app was released in August 2021. In 2022 Sam and his team reached over 45 thousand downloads for Chippy Tools.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Sam and a screenshot of Chippy Tools

I have a background in digital analytics and media and am still a consultant in the field. I would highly recommend TelemetryDeck to anyone developing an app. Google Analytics for Firebase is incredibly powerful, but more complex than most people need. Unfortunately, with Google, you don't have as much control over what gets tracked as you do with TelemetryDeck. When working with customers on the challenges of other analytics solutions, TelemetryDeck is much less complicated.

I was looking for simplicity, because I didn’t want to use a tool that automatically captures so much data. TelemetryDeck was small and simple to use. It easily allows me only to track what matters, while not tracking what I don’t want to. Finally, privacy. When developing Chippy Tools, I made a very clear decision, that there would be no ads ever.

I needed an analytics solution for my app that was private by design, with people running the business that also care about privacy.

I recognized a few apps that integrated TelemetryDeck. That was a big plus. So I decided it was worth a try. First, I implemented the TelemetryDeck SDK in one of my test projects found in the App Store, and then very quickly decided to add it to Chippy Tools.

Adding TelemetryDeck to my application was easy. The SDK for swift makes it very easy to implement. The rest is history as I added additional telemetry to the app to provide more meaningful insights.

On a daily basis, Telemetry Deck is used to understand which calculator within Chippy Tools is used the most: Are our user using the metric or imperial measurement system more, are they paid or free, and what is happening when customers hit our paywall, are they experiencing an error if so which one.

TelemetryDeck has been instrumental in measuring how well our paywall has worked. Using the data from TelemetryDeck we have been able to increase the performance of this screen and reduce the number of errors our customers receive. The analytics solution also helps us in deciding what to develop and in what order. Using the data, we stopped some large rewrites of our app that would only improve the experience for a small portion of our users.

Chippy Tools

Chippy Tools

An app for professional carpenters and home handymen looking to take the hassle out of maths on the job site.

Chippy Tools simplifies many of the calculations used every day when constructing, decks, stairs and more. The main features are the calculators for baluster Spacing, squares, concrete quantities, dumpy levels, equal spacing, rake walls, running measurements, stairs, and triangles.