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Aaron Is optimizing the Sales Funnel With TelemetryDeck

HomeRun is a HomeKit control app for iOS and watchOS. It gives you super fast control of your home from your wrist, home screen, or in the app. It helps you set up grids for different times of the day and is designed to help you perform checks as quickly as possible. Aaron Pearce first released HomeRun in April 2018. In June 2021 HomeRun 2 was introduced.

Aaron Is optimizing the Sales Funnel With TelemetryDeck

I learned about TelemetryDeck in the Waiting for Review Slack channel. Since both me and my users are very privacy conscious, it seemed like a good fit: Simple analytics that were not overly complex to implement. I wanted a solution where the data is not what the company makes money on, and I don't want to give my user data to Google and other Big Data companies either.

I can make better business decisions
—Aaron Pearce

I really like the fact that not every view is force tracked, but only exactly what I am personally interested in. My use case is that I need an analytics solution to help me with my subscription sales funnel. My focus is therefore on reviewing the daily sessions and subscription flow. Thanks to TelemetryDeck, I can make better business decisions.

What excites me about TelemetryDeck is how easy it is to use. Just insert a line of code to start the analysis, and then you can add events as you see fit. I have recommended TelemetryDeck to many indie developers and small businesses. You guys are doing a great job!

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