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Navigating Distractions: one sec's Journey with TelemetryDeck

One sec's developer Frederik Riedel

one sec was born in 2020 during the lockdown as my response to the overwhelming use of social media. It's a digital sanctuary, giving users a pause, a moment to breathe, and a chance to reconsider before diving into the endless abyss of their favorite apps. With around 400,000 hourly active users on iOS and 100,000 on Android, one sec has become the preferred solution for a generation surrounded by social media.

one sec

one sec

Helps you to pause before you enter the abyss of endless scrolling through social media.

one sec forces you to take a deep breath every time you open social media apps. It's as simple as it is effective: the delay makes distracting apps less interesting in the long term.

one sec and user data privacy

User privacy is a top priority for me. That is why I chose TelemetryDeck's lightweight solution, which revolves around privacy and full data control. It aligns seamlessly with one sec's values.

I made the decision to skip Google Analytics in favor of transparency and data efficiency – collecting only the data that truly matters, instead of collecting as much as possible.

How one sec found its perfect analytics ally

I first learned about TelemetryDeck from a recommendation by Leo Mehlig of Structured. Intrigued by the promise of easy integration and a commitment to privacy, I decided to give it a shot.

While onboarding went smoothly, requiring just a single line of code, I did face some challenges in understanding TelemetryDeck's chart editor at first. The custom query language has a steep learning curve, and I’m hoping this will improve in the future. The team tells me they’re investigating an LLM-based way of formulating and building queries in the future, and that’s very cool.

Unveiling one sec's daily dynamics

TelemetryDeck has become a vital part of one sec's daily operations. From tracking feature usage and conversions to conducting A/B tests and observing regional onboarding variations, TelemetryDeck provides a comprehensive view of app performance. The tool's ability to highlight which features resonate with users and contribute to conversions is invaluable for refining one sec's user experience.

Thumbs up: Why I believe in TelemetryDeck

TelemetryDeck is the ideal analytics companion to one sec!

For indie app developers like me who are seeking data-driven insights while prioritizing user privacy, TelemetryDeck is a game-changer. I acknowledge the progress TelemetryDeck has made since its adoption and express my admiration for the tool's evolution.

TelemetryDeck is the ideal analytics companion to one sec! Our collaboration underscores the importance of privacy, user-centric design, and the continuous pursuit of improvement. As one sec thrives in helping users reclaim their time, TelemetryDeck empowers developers like me to make informed decisions without compromising data integrity.