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Rubén specifically improves individual features after analysing user behaviour

Precio Luz España provides price information about the Spanish electricity market.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person

On June 1st 2021, a new law introduced new electricity prices for customers who are subscribed to a government regulated plan. The price of electricity increased significantly, and big hourly differences arose throughout the course of the day. The app provides users with detailed, up-to-date pricing information to help organize their highest consumption to low price hours.

I learned about TelemetryDeck via Twitter and really wanted to give it a try. Due to privacy concerns, I refrained from using any analytics software in the past. TelemetryDeck removed this obstacle, and I decided to use the analytics software to learn more about how users interact with my app in order to determine which features are the most relevant for my users.

“It helped to discover specific user behaviors”

I use TelemetryDeck on a daily basis to check stats of my app and analyze the insights I’m tracking. I had not considered analytics as essential for the app, but TelemetryDeck has proven itself to be beneficial in providing useful information that I would not have come to know without it. It helped to discover specific user behaviors which lead to an improvement for certain features.

Although I joined TelemetryDeck in an early stage of its lifecycle, the onboarding was easy and the integration guide inside the documentation was complete and precise. It is possible to integrate it seamlessly into any app to monitor how it works in less than an hour and even deploy it to production. This is usually not to be expected from a service still in beta-stage.

I hope TelemetryDeck sees an improvement of the widgets from an UX perspective in the near future. And I am curious how the development of the service will move forward. I would recommend TelemetryDeck to anyone who wants to discover how people are using their apps and want to focus on a privacy-centered solution. Indie developers or small companies should definitely check out TelemetryDeck.

Precio Luz España

Precio Luz España

Precio Luz España