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Leo relies on TelemetryDeck to analyze both iPhone and Android apps

After receiving thousands of requests, Structured is now available on Android!

Leo Mehling, developer of Structured

Structured is a straightforward daily planner app designed with a strong emphasis on user-friendliness, seamlessly blending to-do lists and calendars in an easily navigable interface. Tailored primarily to students and folks seeking to streamline their work and personal lives, Structured also accommodates neurodivergent users, including those with ADHD and autism. While the iOS app is widely recognized, Structured recently rolled out a Kotlin version of the app on the Google Play Store.



Day planner: Split your day into small tasks and get a visual timeline of your day.

Selecting the Right Analytics Solution

In our quest for the ideal analytics solution at Structured for Android, we had specific criteria in mind. Privacy stood as our top priority, given that our app aims to bring order and efficiency to users' lives, and safeguarding their privacy is of utmost importance. We were also in search of an analytics tool that was easy to implement, sparing us from intricate configurations while offering swift access to actionable insights.

With our fast pace of app development, we needed a low-maintenance solution that would let us focus on creating an exceptional user experience. These criteria led us to TelemetryDeck.

Exploring the Kotlin World

We've been using TelemetryDeck for our Swift app for a significant amount of time. Not surprisingly, setting up the Android app, built with Kotlin, was a piece of cake. It streamlined our development process, allowing us to concentrate on refining our app without getting bogged down by complex maintenance or configuration chores. TelemetryDeck's dashboard equips us with high-level usage insights, helping us gain a deeper understanding of our app's performance and feature utilization.

This is our first foray into publishing on the Google Play Store. We found it has an exceptional web interface, but we also encountered some confusion in the review process. On the bright side, it provides more flexibility for rollout strategies. We appreciated the opportunity to publish a public beta version with no limitations, enhancing our user engagement efforts.

How we use TelemetryDeck

We primarily focus on high-level usage data in our dashboard. However, when working on a new feature or an update, we often delve into how that feature is utilized. One game-changing insight we stumbled upon was that only 60% of users who downloaded our app actually created tasks. Armed with this knowledge, we revamped our onboarding process to boost user engagement.