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Visualize the conversion rates between steps in a process with funnels

Funnels are often used to track the conversion rates between steps in a user onboarding flow, but can be used to track conversion rates between any steps in a process.

TelemetryDeck's Funnels offer a sophisticated and user-friendly tool for analyzing user behavior across various stages of a process within apps and websites. By tracking users' progression through your predefined actions or events, funnels provide valuable insights into where users are converting or dropping off. This feature is fantastic for pinpointing specific areas where user experience can be improved to boost retention and conversion rates.

Use funnels when you are looking to optimize complex flows such as sign-ups, checkouts, or any multi-step process within your app or website. With TelemetryDeck, setting up these funnels is straightforward thanks to our visual editor that simplifies the creation and adjustment of funnels without needing extensive technical knowledge.

This means that even non-technical users can take full advantage of deep analytical insights, making informed decisions to improve user pathways and increase overall performance of your app or website.

Onboarding Funnel