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TelemetryDeck Query Language 

Use our JSON-based query language to retrieve exactly the data you need in exactly the format you need it.

For the vast majority of your interactions with the TelemetryDeck data set, you'll use our sophisticated and user-friendly visual tools to build your queries. But sometimes, regardless of how powerful we make our editors, you just need to hand-craft a query. This is when you'll switch to TQL, the TelemetryDeck Query Language.

A language derived from the industry-standard Druid Query Language, TQL is easy to learn and incredibly powerful to use. Check out the Playground to develop and try out your queries before putting then into your dashboards.

TQL not only has all the features needed to slice and dice your data like a professional data scientist, it also comes with a lot of syntactic sugar that saves you hassle and typing work. And if you really don't want to learn TQL, we'll also take your default SQL queries and automatically convert them for you!

Read the exhaustive TQL documentation to learn more.


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