Get insights immediately

Ultra-quick setup 

TelemetryDeck can be integrated into your product, app or website in minutes

Integrating TelemetryDeck into your app is fantastically easy and quick: Drop the SDK we provide into your codebase, and hit publish.

We offer SDKs for all major platforms, and one thing they all have in common is that they are designed with batteries included – they start collecting the most relevant pieces of data right away, without you having to spend ages configuring and preparing.

Focus on perfecting your app, website or product, not on configuring your analytics.

“TelemetryDeck was by far the easiest tool to set up and quickly get insights about how my app actually gets used. I love the predefined insights it offers, as well as the ability to create my own. And all of that with top-notch privacy!”

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Leo Mehlig

“Only had @Telemetry_Deck active in my app for less than 24 hours and already collecting insights that help me understand my users better. So awesome!”

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Open Access Helper

“Very nice work on TelemetryDeck, initial startup was a breeze, and I really liked your guide for setting up AppStore Privacy requirements as well”

Ryan @ThatVirtualBoy