Usage analytics in healthcare

Protect your patients' privacy and still receive valuable usage data

TelemetryDeck provides companies in the healthcare sector with the data they need to make good design and development decisions while anonymizing all personal information along the way.

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Increase data clarity in a regulated environment

Get state-of-the-art analytics and leap ahead of the competition

Today, we say goodbye to the old ways of painful server-side tracking and tedious log sifting. Welcome to a new era of simplicity and elegance with TelemetryDeck, where effortless integration meets real-time insights.

With TelemetryDeck, you get an easy-to-integrate analytics service that processes all the relevant data you need to further develop your product. The protection of personal data is our top priority. You receive actionable statistical data.

The TelemetryDeck dashboard with a view of the main interface showing some standard insights like app versions and system versions.
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How it works

Anonymization through double-hashing

TelemetryDeck removes identifying properties from your data directly on the device. No personally identifying information gets sent to our server.

We then perform additional anonymization steps on the server to make sure the data is completely anonymized, no longer connected to any one person.

This makes our data compatible with GDPR and all other data privacy laws around the world.

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TelemetryDeck is awesome for


We show you all the details

Building apps for patients with accessibility needs

In healthcare, intuitive usability and accessibility are just as important as privacy.

Many companies are reluctant to collect usage analyses in apps that process sensitive medical information. This often leads to the user experience suffering because the app is optimized based on assumptions rather than on numbers. This is particularly bad if the app, web app or website is used by patients who have a disability (of any kind).

We help you do better.

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Telemetry helps you stand out

Make privacy part of your marketing strategy

Especially in the self-payer lifestyle market, it is important to stand out from the competition with your own app.

Why not turn data protection into a marketing tool? Users are increasingly aware of what data is transmitted to large tech companies. Take this fear away from your customers by proactively pointing out data protection-friendly tracking. We provide you with landing pages and text modules for this purpose.

Case Study from Germany

Healthcare IT service provider HASOMED relies on TelemetryDeck

“Unlike conventional analytics solutions like Google Analytics, TelemetryDeck's privacy-focused approach aligns seamlessly with our core values and operational requirements.”

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GDPR, DiGA-V, etc.

No third-country transfer of data

All data that TelemetryDeck processes remains within the European Union.

We host at Microsoft Azure and our data is located in Amsterdam. We will provide the DPA on request.

With TelemetryDeck, you avoid unnecessary legal risks.

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