I learned about TelemetryDeck in the Waiting for Review Slack channel. Since both me and my users are very privacy conscious it seemed like a good fit: Simple analytics that were not overly complex to implement. I wanted a solution where the data is not what the company makes money on, and I don't want to give my user data to Google and other Big Data companies either.

I really like the fact that not every view is force tracked but only exactly what I am personally interested in. My use case is that I need an analytics solution to help me with my subscription sales funnel. My focus is therefore on reviewing the daily sessions and subscription flow. Thanks to TelemetryDeck, I can make better business decisions.

What excites me about TelemetryDeck is how easy it is to use. Just insert a line of code to start the analysis and then you can add events as you see fit. I have recommended TelemetryDeck to many indie developers and small businesses. You guys are doing a great job!

Thanks to TelemetryDeck, I can make better business decisions

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