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Privacy-First, Real-Time Analytics for Kotlin Apps

TelemetryDeck is the privacy-focused Analytics for Android Apps. Gain actionable insights to improve user journeys, boost customer success, streamline development, and increase conversions—all without processing any personal data. Easy integration lets you start leveraging data instantly.


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4 minute setup

Include TelemetryDeck in your Kotlin App with these 3 steps

This is how you get your analytics data:

  1. Create an account and get started for free
  2. Install the SDK into your app using jitpack
  3. Publish your app to the Play Store

Done! You’ll see real-time data on your dashboard within minutes.

TelemetryDeck offers actionable insights to enhance your user journey, customer success, development process, and conversion rates. Moreover, it does not process any personally identifiable information. This makes TelemetryDeck easy to integrate into your app, allowing you to start working with the data immediately.

Android Studio

Kotlin's mascot Kodee hanging out with TelemetryDeck's mascot Sondrine

Optimized for Kotlin

TelemetryDeck 💜 Kotlin

Our Kotlin SDK is not just a thin wrapper around 3 Java classes in a trenchcoat – it's written from the ground up in Kotlin. We regularly listen to our customers as well as JetBrains to make sure we're providing everything you need to deliver fantastic quality apps.

Gain value immediately

Quick Setup for fast-moving development teams

We understand the struggle of having too little time for too many tasks. That's why we've built a service that's quick to integrate and easy to use.

Pre-made dashboards. 
All the key insights every product leader needs are ready and waiting for you.
Visual Query Editor. 
Unlock insights effortlessly with our visual query editor
Event tracking. 
Capture specific user interactions within your app to analyze behaviors and optimize user experiences.
Picture of the founder of the Stuctured app, wearing a hat and smiling brightfully. Next to selfie is a screenshot from the app and the logo.

Success Story: TelemetryDeck & Kotlin

From the field: Leo Mehlig from Structured measures user behavior with TelemetryDeck in his Kotlin app

Structured combines all your tasks and to-dos into a single visual timeline.

Structured has long been a very successful iPhone app. Because of popular demand, Leo Mehlig's development team decided to build an app for Android users as well, using Kotlin. Because Structured had already successfully used the TelemetryDeck service, the team decided to use it again for the new app.

In the success story, you can read about how Structured developed the Kotlin app thanks to TelemetryDeck: Read more

Forget consent management

All of the data, none of the asking

Dealing with the GDPR is a major challenge for app developers and we can't make this EU regulation go away. But what we can do for you is make a very time-consuming part of GDPR compliance obsolete: Consent management.

Since user tracking with TelemetryDeck does not process any personal data, you do not need to request consent, document the safe storage of data, and react to deletion requests. This easily saves you hours of development time and days of filling out forms and responding to deletion requests.

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