Hi, Everyone, Meet Cofounder Lisa

There is a special kind of magic when you find someone who shares your strong beliefs in feminism, politics and privacy. For me, this lucky coincidence just happened a second time. I already have a great partner in my life, my husband Christoph. Two years ago I met Daniel who quickly became one of my closest friends. Today, I can proudly announce, that I will be Daniel’s cofounder at TelemetryDeck.

About Lisa

In the past 3.5 years I realised that I love privacy and IT security in such a way that I want it to become more than a job. From studying draft laws about surveillance to giving talks about the importance of end-to-end-encryption I acquired a broad knowledge. With Daniel and his great product TelemetryDeck I am now getting the chance of making privacy the main focus of my own company. And I am excited about that!

As a mother of two, who is working full-time, I know about the challenges of managing everyday life. I know where my limits are when it comes to mental health, physical fitness and length of to-do lists. I have acquired this life experience by making many mistakes. I now feel ready to launch into the new work adventure of starting a business

About Lisa and Daniel

Daniel and I spent hours and hours of discussions about the important things in life. That gives me a strong belief that we will be able to sail through the rough waters of finding investors, discussing new hires, and fighting against all that paperwork you need to read/fill/sign when you start a business in Germany.

Our goal is to build a workplace that is open to everyone. Within that, our main focus is building a team where people with any kind of experience of discrimination feel safe. We are aware that our own experiences only cover a tiny fraction of what people out there in the world have to endure and will therefore seek advice from professionals.

About TelemetryDeck

As a person who loves data and reporting of user data I am addicted to tools that help me find the numbers I need to improve user experience of the websites and apps I work on and decide how I spend my online marketing budget wisely. Providing people an analytics tool that respects everyone’s privacy is a mission that I am very much looking forward to.

About the great people in my life

I am thankful for the uncountable opportunities I got at Boxcryptor, my previous job. Robert and Andrea, the founders of that extraordinary cloud encryption solution really support me and Daniel during the process of building our own business. Thank you so much for that! Seeing the two of you laughing at the pictures we made in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Boxcryptor, was the inspiration that finally made me believe that I can do this too. Andrea, you are also my great role model for being a successful entrepreneur as a woman and mother.

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