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How to create funnels, or click-stream funnels, using the TelemetryDeck Query Language.

Swift Setup Guide

Configure the TelemetryDeck SDK in Your Swift Application for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS

JavaScript Setup Guide

How to include the TelemetryDeck SDK in Your JavaScript Application or website

Android Setup Guide

Include the TelemetryDeck SDK in Your Android Application

How to update a Swift Package

Xcode doesn't update packages automatically. How do you tell Xcode to update to the newest version of a Swift Package? Or update all packages at once?

Getting Started With Test Mode

Here's how to use Test Mode to get started with TelemetryDeck

TelemetryDeck Swift Client Reference

Reference documentation for the Swift Client for TelemetryDeck-using apps

Making an Account

Register an account and create an organization

How to Invite Members to Your Organization

A guide on how to add members to your organization and collaborate

How to Find Out Which Operating System Your Users Are Using

A guide on how to create an insight that shows all operating systems used by users

How to Track the Number of Daily Users in Your App

A guide on how to create an insight that displays the number of daily users

How to write this Documentation

Here's how to contribute to the public TelemetryDeck documentation.

Picking Your Minimum iOS or Android Version

Which minimum iOS or Android version should I pick?

Create Custom Dashboards With Insight Groups

Getting started with custom dashboards

How to Detect if Users Update to the Latest App Version

From your vision into the app - Let's find out if your users update to the newest version and make those changes worth it.

Apple App Privacy Details

Apple's App Store now requires developers to show a Privacy Details section. Here's how to fill out this section when you are using TelemetryDeck.

How App Tracking Transparency Affects App Developers

How iOS 14.5 is changing the playing field for App Developers and how it affects you.

Why Is Apple's App Privacy Report Important to You as an App Developer?

We evaluate Apple's App Privacy Report from the perspective of app developers and explain common misconceptions.

Signals Reference

A reference of all properties of a Signal

Insights Reference

A reference of all things configurable in an Insight and what they mean

Sending Signals via HTTP Post

A reference of all properties of the Signal Ingestion API

Run Query

Using the TelemetryDeck API, you can run a query and retrieve its results

Get the query for an Insight

Using the TelemetryDeck API, you can retrieve the query that is used in an insight

Glossary of Terms

A list of common terms used in the TelemetryDeck ecosystem and what they mean

Time intervals and relative time intervals

How to to define absolute or relative time intervals for your queries

Get an API Token

How to get a Bearer Token to authenticate against the TelemetryDeck API