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(Deprecated) Funnels

How to create funnels, or click-stream funnels, using the TelemetryDeck Query Language.

Funnel Query

Groups a set of events by a set of steps and aggregates them by a set of metrics in the TelemetryDeck Query Language.

Experiment Query

Compares two sets of users to find out which of them is reaching a given success function more often in the TelemetryDeck Query Language.

How to update a Swift package

Xcode doesn't update packages automatically. How do you tell Xcode to update to the newest version of a Swift Package? Or update all packages at once?

Getting started with Test Mode

Here's how to use Test Mode to get started with TelemetryDeck

Filters - How to use the Filter Editor

Sometimes, generic insights aren’t enough. With TelemetryDeck filters you can further specify what you’re really interested in your signals!

Making an account

Register an account and create an organization

What are insights and how do they work?

A reference of all things configurable in an Insight and what they mean

Funnels - How they work

Funnels are here to help you understand your users. Watch how they navigate and flow through your app and find out how to improve your in-App processes with funnels!

TelemetryDeck's Grand Rename

To avoid ambiguity and clean up things for the long term, we have decided to rename quite a few things in all the TelemetryDeck SDKs. We have laid out a migration path, here's all you need to know about it.

Custom dashboards with insight groups

Getting started with custom dashboards

Detect if users update to the latest app version

From your vision into the app - Let's find out if your users update to the newest version and make those changes worth it.

Apple's app privacy details

Apple's App Store now requires developers to show a Privacy Details section. Here's how to fill out this section when you are using TelemetryDeck.

Anonymization of user data

TelemetryDeck anonymizes user data, by double salting and hashing IDs, to ensure anonymity and protect user privacy while still providing valuable insights.