Light-weight app analytics that’s not evil

TelemetryDeck helps app and web developers improve their product by supplying immediate, accurate usage data while users use their app. And the best part: It's all anonymized so users' data stays private!
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Y’all are doing excellent things with TelemetryDeck. Having come from Firebase, I’m so much happier with the ability to present the data I gather in ways that actually make sense to me.

It's so good I love it, honestly I've been looking for an analytics tool for months and this is just perfect.

I integrated Telemetry and it's now been released on the store – so cool seeing the signals come in real time! And the setup process was really simple too 😍

Your users will love you

Before you can improve something, you first have to measure it. You have to know: What percentage of users open your app's upgrade screen? Where are the hurdles that prevent them from reaching a goal? How many people are using your new feature?

Once you have that information, you can play around with new ways to help your users reach their goals faster and more easily. You can optimize when and how you ask your users to upgrade. And you can watch live as new users are pouring into the screens for your cool new feature. So satisfying 🀩

SDKs for all major platforms and a thriving ecosystem help you get an overview over all your products.

More Conversions & Happier Users

Better understand your customers

By default, TelemetryDeck gives you detailed information about App Version, Device Type, Platform, and Distribution Mechanism. But that's just the start: You decide the signal types and the metadata payload for each signal, so you can include exactly the information you need to improve your app!

Each time you want to send a signal to TelemetryDeck, call one (non-blocking) function: App Start. User has switched the Settings to Pizza Mode. New Data Entered. And so on.

That's it! Lean back and see information fill your dashboard.

Better understand your customers

Understand the data

Configure funnels and queries visually. Use our advanced query language to dive into your data. And see your dashboard update live!

With TelemetryDeck, you get signals about one second after the app has sent them. And you can get way more information too, like: Which features are your users actually using, for how long, and how do they get there? How long do they stay?

  • Custom Metadata Payload
  • Custom Signal Types
  • Dive deep into your data with live updating Insights
Way more Information

Privacy by Design

While other analytic packages are eager to scrape as much data off your users as possible, TelemetryDeck only communicates the data you need to find out how your users use your product.

User Identifiers are always double-hashed. This way you can recognize the same user when they reappear but never associate data with a specific person.

  • GDPR & CCPA Compliant
  • Easy, honest Privacy Policy
  • No App Tracking Transparency Banners necessary
Privacy by Design
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Analyzing the Analytics

We're reaching orbital velocity

This is our idea of a humblebrag: have a look at various live statistics on how TelemetryDeck the platform is doing. Not only is the data pretty cool, but have you noticed that we can show real-time data, updated once a second, without even breaking a sweat? πŸ€“

– Organizations are using TelemetryDeck.

– Apps or Applications are sending signals to our servers.

– Customer Insights live in our database.

– Telemetry Signals have been received, cleaned and analyzed.