TelemetryDeck Fall Update 2022

This is about money, social networks, features, marketing, a foto shooting, and an upcoming webinar.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person


In the Fall Update of 2021, our most important issue was State Funding, which we won. Now, a year and endless forms later, the money is finally in our account. We are very happy about the great financial support and thank the helpful staff of the government of Swabia who helped us navigate through the jungle of funding guidelines.

Mixed feelings about Twitter and Mastodon

Did you know that Daniel and Lisa met via Twitter back in 2012? The interaction became quite active when Daniel tweeted about an app he was working on at the time and Lisa had feedback on it. This led to a first meeting over beer and chips in the corner pub. And also later the app with the little bird had great importance for us, because Daniel was coding in public and so we were in constant exchange with the community since the beginning of TelemetryDeck.

We also observe the latest developments around Twitter with concern, while at the same time lots of amazing developers streamed into the Fediverse! So we decided to open our own Mastodon instance (thanks to @davidgarywood for some tips and tricks). We will keep our Twitter account for now and continue posting there. But if you feel like moving, you can find us from now on also on Mastodon under the name as well as @daniel, @lisa, and @marina for our personal accounts.

New features

We're continually working on our infrastructure. Let's review some of the new features:

  • The App overview page is now more helpful gives more important information. This is the first step in a larger overhaul that will allow you to see more information at a glance.
  • Custom Queries are here. We try our best to to have templates and easy configuration for most use cases, but for more experimental features and charts that are perfectly customized to your needs, you can now write queries in our custom query language.
  • We've started the move to Azure. Since we're a participant in the Microsoft for Startups program, Microsoft is sponsoring our servers. This website and the Dashboard are already moved over, and we have experimental versions of API, Ingest and our Time-Series Database running there already.
  • We now support Objective-C. Lots of larger apps still use a mix of Swift and Objective-C code. The TelemetryDeck Swift Package now supports calling all relevant methods from Objective-C, allowing those apps to have telemetry data from their entire app!
  • Lots of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. Thanks to your feedback (keep it coming!) we've improved the login process, fixed various bugs, and are adding new features like filterable drop-downs and more.

Help us spread the word

We want to continue to grow and tell more great app vendors that user tracking is possible without invading users' privacy. And for that we need your help.

Events: We have interesting talks in the pipeline that we would like to present at events. So if you know of or organize a conference on app development, privacy, Swift or related topics, please send us a message.

Podcasts: Daniel loves podcasts and even hosts his own. We'd love to be guests on more podcasts and talk about our story, the technical internals, and how the app market is growing and developing. If you'd like us to guest-star, let us know!

Advertising Opportunities: There's that cool podcast or helpful newsletter you like to consume? Tell us about it. We're looking for friendly vendors that fit our community to advertise. Our budget is not big, but we have a few Euros available to support the community and make TelemetryDeck better known at the same time.

We are beautiful!

One of the most beautiful events in the past weeks was our photo shoot. The wonderful Natalie has created an atmosphere in which we feel comfortable and feel free to shine. And you can see that in the pictures. The cover picture of this blog article is one of the pictures from the shoot and you will see more of them in the future.

Save the date: Webinar on December 6, 2022

We're testing a new way to connect with our customers: A webinar. We will be demonstrating some applications of TelemetryDeck and there will be room for questions. An official invitation will be sent soon via our newsletter and social media.

As always, thanks a lot for your support! Let us know what you think, we always love to hear your feedback.