TelemetryDeck Fall Update 2023

This is about privacy, tools, and our roadmap.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Lisa and Daniel from TelemetryDeck


In the Fall Update of 2022, we talked about our mixed feelings about Twitter and Mastodon - a topic that was still on our minds in 2023, as you can see from this blog post about Developer Marketing). Also brand new at the time was the new Overview Page in the Telemetry Dashboard. In the meantime, this view has already changed several times. We also announced our first webinar back then. Should we offer another one soon?

We have various options for data export now

You can now either export your complete data set, or just the result of a single insight directly from the dashboard.

TelemetryDeck screenshot with the CSV Export option highlighted

This is a pretty boring feature most of the time, but it is super awesome if you want to try out different data visualizations, take care of your own backups, or work in a corporate environment.

A network of awesome tools that put privacy in the focus

We've discovered two new tools in the last few months that we're excited to tell you about, because we love helping other companies that care as much about privacy as we do. Raise the curtain on FeedbackBulb and Friendly Captcha!

FeedbackBulb - customer feedback made easy

Home page of FeedbackBulb

The tool was developed by our friend, customer and supporter Konstantin. It allows you to get customer feedback about your app without collecting unnecessary data. We have used FeedbackBulb for our bi-annual Net Promoter Score survey (some of you may have participated) and are very satisfied.

Check out FeedbackBulb

Screenshot of FeedbackBulb's user interface

Friendly Captcha - be less annoying when you protect your website against spam

Home page of Friendly Captcha

We are very happy to announce that TelemetryDeck is now attracting various bots that automatically try to register accounts, find security holes and spam from there. This is cool because it shows that we're big and popular enough to attract them - and luckily they're easy to get rid of. We looked at several CAPTCHA solutions and are super happy with FriendlyCaptcha, a privacy-friendly service from near Augsburg, TelemetryDeck's hometown.

Check out Friendly Captcha

Friendly Captcha is now part of TelemetryDeck's user journey

A glimpse into TelemetryDeck's product roadmap

We're not crazy enough to publish our full roadmap (although we thought about it briefly, because transparency is very important to us). But we decided to give a little insight into the next, big topics.

  • React SDK
  • Calculation Performance Improvements
  • More included Charts
  • Access Control Lists
  • Our new Recommendation system to auto-surface developments of interest in your data

Please feel free to add suggestions, bugs and praise to our Github Issues or Discussions.

What's next?

Lisa at a talk

Since all the important people came back to their desks from the summer break in September, we have been very busy winning new, big customers for TelemetryDeck. Lisa is attending a lot of events and talking about why data privacy is so hugely important to our society, and Daniel is head deep into our roadmap.